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All photographs on this website are the copyright of Nigel Goddard and are protected under UK and International copyright laws; all rights reserved. The photographer's moral rights have been asserted in accordance with the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988.
No images herein are within the Public Domain. Viewing of this site constitutes agreement to the terms contained in this notice.
The intellectual property contained herein is for on-screen viewing only and may not be copied, scanned, reproduced, manipulated, sold, transmitted, publicly displayed or redistributed in any medium, either in whole or part, without the written permission of the copyright owner.
Unauthorised copying of an image from this website or failure to give an appropriate picture credit are infringements of the law and perpetrators will be prosecuted.

Personal use of photographs/images
Where it is possible to purchase a photograph for personal use you are buying a copy of the photograph, not the copyright to that photograph. The copyright in all instances is retained by the photographer who captured the image.
No picture, whether as a printed photograph or electronic image, may be copied, scanned, reproduced, manipulated, sold, transmitted, publicly displayed or redistributed in any medium, either in whole or part, without the written permission of the copyright owner.
Printed photographs or low resolution digital images are supplied for private, non-commercial, use only . Where an image is provided for display on a computer, website or personal page on a social networking site or other social media, an appropriate picture credit must be given to Nigel Goddard

Commercial use of photographs/images
If an photograph or image is required for commercial purposes an appropriate license must be purchased from Nigel Goddard. Licences are personal to the purchaser and are not assignable by the purchaser to any third party. Please enquire for commercial license terms and conditions.
It is the responsibility of the user/publisher to check that they have the necessary permissions and are within the terms of any licence granted by Nigel Goddard, or are acting within permissions granted by law. Nigel Goddard makes no claim or warranty with regard to the purchaser's use of content, names, text, people, trademarks or copyright material depicted in any image and the purchaser will indemnify Nigel Goddard in respect of any claims, damages, costs or expenses incurred arising for the use of any image supplied.
Each photograph or image reproduced must show a credit to the photographer either within or adjacent to the image containing the words "© Nigel Goddard" or "Photo by Nigel Goddard" or other such agreed statement. If this credit is omitted the price payable is double the agreed fee.
Following the publication of an image the purchaser must provide to Nigel Goddard a complimentary copy of the publication showing the image.
Once an agreement to reproduce an image has been reached and an invoice has been sent the full payment agreed will become due and will not be cancelled whether the image is used or not.
Nigel Goddard will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you or by any third party arising from use or reproduction of any Image or its caption. Damages for any other breach shall be limited to the licence fee paid by the purchaser.

PhotoDeck Terms and Conditions

This website relies on technology provided by the PhotoDeck Service. Registering or making a purchase on this website creates a User account on the PhotoDeck Service, and the following Terms and Conditions apply in addition to this website's own terms. (See also: PhotoDeck Privacy Policy)

Purpose of the PhotoDeck Service

The purpose of the website PhotoDeck.com ("the Site"), owned and operated by PhotoDeck (SARL) ("the Owner"), is to provide photographers, video producers, and their authorized representatives ("Subscribers") the technical means ("Service") to publish, market, license, sell and distribute their images, video clips and other products ("Subscriber Content"), in digital or physical format, to visitors of the Site ("Users").

To that aim, the Site provides Subscribers with the technical means to design and operate their own customizable, brandable website that hosts Subscriber Content. The Site is not involved in the Licensing and Sales of Subscribers content, including payment collection, which happen directly between the Subscriber and the Subscriber's clients (Users).

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